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Vargas Blues Band - Last Night


Javier Vargas ( Madrid , 1958 ) is a guitarist with blues and rock , the founder and leader of the Vargas Blues Band . Diecisesis has recorded studio albums with the Vargas Blues Band and three live, as well as several DVDs of his concerts and several compilations, all during his twenty years with his band. He has also recorded a tribute album to rock argentino . He has collaborated with musicians from the likes of Carlos Santana , Glenn Hughes , Raimundo Amador , Miguel Ríos , Andrés Calamaro , Prince , Devon Allman and countless more.


Javier Vargas was born in Madrid, Spain in the year 1958 , when he was nine years old his family emigrated to Argentina. He lived in the city of Mendoza , and then moved to Mar de Plata , where his father gave him a Spanish guitar with nylon strings, which will start its first "riff." At 12 he got his first electric guitar (a FAIM). In Mendoza lives with his paternal grandparents, while his father was going to Venezuela. Finally the family moved to Venezuela. From there, still a teenager and decided to start a career in music, Javier travels to Nashville , in Tennessee , the birthplace of Country. A few years later moved to Los Angeles , where he began playing in clubs and recording as a session guitarist. It was during his stay in Los Angeles where he met musicians from the likes of Alvin Lee and Roy Buchanan . At age 17, embarked on guitar on a cruise that would travel Aruba , Jamaica and the Caribbean , where it contacts the Reggae.

The 80

Back to Spain from the United States , Javier joins the group of Miguel Ríos , recording several albums with him: The Old Rockers Never Die (1979), rock out Boomerang (1980) and Strangers in the window (1981), composing several A horse named songs such as death or New Wave. He also collaborated with the Orquesta Mondragón , with singers such as Manolo Tena who composed the success with Spanish blood , with the group RH + , and as a session musician and composer, to cities like London , Paris and New York .

Vargas Blues Band

After passing through various groups, Javier decided in 1991 to create his own band, and thus, the same year, records and produces as leader of the VARGAS BLUES BAND The Blues All around the disk, with the collaboration of Elena Figueroa and Philip Guttman .
In 1992 recorded Madrid-Memphis, with Carey Bell , Louisiana Red , Rafael Riqueni and the voices of Philip Guttman and Jeff Evans . Both albums were major figures for the disks Blues in Spain .
In 1994 recorded the album Blues in the collaboration Latino Andres Calamaro , Chris Rea , Junior Wells and Flaco Jimenez , an album that was widely accepted not only in Spain but also in Argentina . Blues Latino theme, which name the album was re-recorded by Carlos Santana on his album Santana Brothers .
In 1995 Texas Tango recorded in studies of Memphis and Austin , produced by Jim Gaines and with the collaboration of the Double Trouble (the band Stevie Ray Vaughan ), Larry Thurston of the Blues Brothers and Preston Shannon . This album was very successful in countries like France , Switzerland , Brazil or Mexico , as well as in Spain .
In July [1996]] plays with Carlos Santana in Paris , in a concert that the audience went wild. He also starred with him again in 1998 back to Paris and Madrid , as well as in the Spanish tour disc Supernatural of 2000 .
In 1997 recorded the album Gipsy Boogie, again produced by Jim Gaines , in Madrid and Memphis . This time working with him the great Raimundo Amador , Carles Benavent , The Chonchi , Little Jimmy King ... among others. It was published in 24 countries, and his tour was extended to France , Italy , Germany and Portugal .
In 1998 Javier plays with "The Artist" ( Prince ) at the Palacio de los Deportes de Madrid. In the same year he published Feedback / Bluestrology, recorded double CD Checkendon co-produced by Ian Taylor and along with Steve Potts , Dave Smith , Bobby Alexander ... Bluestrology was published separately again in the year 2000 .
In 1999 the band moved to the United States to record a live album at the club Buddy Guys Legend, which will accompany Larry McCray , Sugar Blue and Elena Andujar , all under the supervision of renowned engineer Ian Taylor . The disc is completed with another concert in Madrid , going on sale in 2000 under the name "Madrid-Chicago Live, including a video documentary.
In 2001 are included on the album Last Night all tracks recorded at Buddy Guys Legend and a concert DVD with Madrid and concert scenes Chicago , receiving rave reviews throughout Europe and the United States .
The year 2002 will be the reunion with their roots across the pond. It releases the album JAVIER VARGAS & ESPIRITU CELESTE TRIBUTE TO ROCK ARGENTINO, which includes the musical experiences lived during his years of residence in Argentina and the influence of great local musicians like Litto Nebbia , Pappo , Claudio Gabis or Luis Alberto Spinetta . It contains 16 songs all versions of the Argentine rock classics as "Avellaneda Blues", "El Tren de las 16", "Mr. Jones "or" The Raft ", and with the collaboration of the very Nebbia, rocker-player German "Mono" Burgos , and Luis Mayol , on vocals and bass.
The year 2003 is packed with new features. CHILL LATIN BLUES is published first fully instrumental album of the band, which merge the guitar (with all its nuances blues, rock and even flamenco guitar) and synthesizers, drum machines and sound effects, creating hot beats and a relaxing atmosphere. Topics such as "Other Vision," Live at Dawn "," Buenos Aires Blues "or" South ", are representative of the mixture of styles and musical concepts. No doubt another step forward in the musical evolution of Javier Vargas.
After Chill Latin Blues, edited the compilation THE SOUL, which shows some of the best songs of his career ("Illegally", "Chill Out", "Spanish Blood," "Blues Latino", "Black Cat Boogie" ), selected from their previous albums. Published record-book formats, comes with a foreword by the renowned music critic John Puchades , and is the perfect card of the Vargas Blues Band for the new listener.
Subsequently, on November 28, 2003, is recorded in the Oasis Room of Zaragoza born concert DVD called SPANISH FLY, also instrumental. Again, take center stage on guitar Javier Vargas and the fusion of musical styles that characterize the guitarist and composer. The high quality of this concert makes Dro East West label, releases a DVD with 14 of the subjects of the standard repertoire of the band, and includes 2 new songs and versions of Albatross, Fleetwood Mac, and Steppin Out , John Mayal and the Bluesbreakers.
In 2004 began recording LOVE, UNION, PEACE at Ardent Studios in Memphis, where he recorded his album before Texas Tango, with John Hampton as a sound engineer (ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, REM, Soundgarden ...) and with the collaboration of artists such as Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Jack Bruce (Cream), Alex Ligertwood (ex singer of Santana), Elliot Murphy, Jaime Urrutia, flamenco guitarist Juan Gómez "Chicuelo" and Devon Allman, among others. .. Published in March 2005. The result is an album with 13 new songs, more rock and full of positive energy, which includes "Tiny Paradise," "Dance Away the Blues", "Magic of the Gods", or "How Verso Are You" (which served as musical harmony campaign Toyota Verso). Also published a later edition including a DVD.
The global reach of the Vargas Blues Band will crescendo, during the years 2006 and 2007, the band goes on tour in Canada, Norway, Germany, UK, participating in prestigious festivals such as the Mont Tremblant Blues Festival (Montreal-Canada) or Fête du Lac des Nations de Sherbrooke (Canada), sharing the stage with the Credence Clearwater Revival, or the Notodden Blues Festival (Norway), which shares the stage with Gary Moore, Johnny Winter and Jeff Healey, among others.
In March 2007 LOST & FOUND is presented, which includes 12 new songs on CD (three of them together with Devon Allman) and a DVD with two hours of music videos and live footage of their tours in Europe and Canada. Songs like "Get Funky", "Man on the Run", "Open your Eyes", "Lost & Found" (the album's title) or the version of "Layla" by Derek and the Dominos, played by Devon.
In May 2008, published FLAMENCO BLUES EXPERIENCE, which as its name suggests, mixed blues and rock with flamenco, a new demonstration of the musical melting pot that characterizes Javier Vargas. Recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis, again with the sound engineer John Hampton and Jason Latshaw in the mixtures, and a cover of Bob Masse renowned graphic designer. Collaborate with each other, the Canadian guitarist Frank Marino, Devon Allman, Raimundo Amador, Steve Potts, David Smith, Mauri Sanchis, King Morao and The Cherry Boppers. The voices are provided by Devon, Bobby Mitchell and Tim Alexander. Includes 11 tracks, among which are "Walking the Streets", "Beautiful Woman", "Blues for Lucia", "Tierra del Vino" or "There is nothing" theme to promote the record.
In June 2009, edited VARGAS BLUES BAND COMES ALIVE WITH FRIENDS, an album with a DVD and CD, presented in digi-pack with an attractive drop-down format, and contains a concert recorded on December 20, 2008, in Room Breogain de Vigo, with Henry Sarmiento in technical support, and distinguished guests: Devon Allman, Raimundo Amador, Claudio Gabis, Álvaro Jorge Salan and Tarquin "Chevere", along with the reshaping of the Vargas Blues Band: Tim Mitchell (voice ), Luis Mayol (bass), Peter Kunst (drums) and Javier Vargas on guitar. In this new album Javier and his band demonstrate the strength of their live and good work on stage, making the best of himself and the band, to delight us with an excellent blues-rock session, direct, without artifice, without cheating or cardboard. The DVD contains 20 songs and 14 on CD. The presentation of the album track is a version of "Down by the River" by Neil Young, played by Devon Allman, songs like "Get Away with Murder", "Blues In My Soul", "Wild West blues" or "Mojo Hand ".
In autumn and winter of 2009 and 2010, the Vargas Blues Band goes on tour again to present the new album, touring the Spanish and European geography, to bring the public their new album. Simultaneously, in early 2010, Javier Vargas started with Jorge Salan GUITAR NIGHT LIVE Tour 2010, a bold gamble of two of the best Spanish guitarists today, to join their guitars on stage.
In May 2010 it released a new album, MOJO PROTECTION REVISITED, which is a revision to an album released in 2008 in Argentina under the name of MOJO PROTECTION, and that includes new songs written by Tim Mitchell and Javier, which is engraved with his last band, made up of Javier, Tim, Luis Mayol (bass) and Peter Kunst (drums). Feature topics as "Talking About the Blues", "You Got Me," "Passion Blues" or "Mojo Protection." Again blues - rock no tricks, no concessions, and with the full force of the Vargas Blues Band.
In March 2011, Javier start a new project, under the name VARGAS, Bogert & Appice or VBA , and moved to Las Vegas to record with the consecrated Carmine Appice (drums), Tim Bogert (bass), both ex Vanilla Fudge , Cactus, Jeff Beck, King Cobra, and Paul Shortino (vocals), former Rough Cutt and Quiet Riot, an album with versions of classic rock and R & B, which are masterfully renovated air. The album was recorded at Track Studios Hit in Las Vegas , and mixed at Ardent Studios in Memphis with the prestigious engineer Brad Blackwood . Is scheduled to launch in June 2011. Will be published worldwide by the label Warner , on CD, and a special edition CD + CD Live Wire (European tour 2010, the Vargas Blues Band) + DVD with videos of the making off the disc with Bogert and Appice Shortino.


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