Thursday, July 14, 2011

Roger Waters and the WALL tour 2011 in Athens or (how you can break down the WALL of fears)

The much-discussed concert s finally took place. Done!, not once as had been announced in the spring, but THREE. TIMES!!Sold Out  nearly all three. Maybe better divided this way because the covered OAKA basket arena rather suited to the show.
Show? Concert? Concept? Rock Opera? Theater? One man show? what to say and how to describe it?
The crowd has proved that the "WALL" is now more contemporary than ever.And that because after 30 years since first appeared now in the global "crisis" it is like first released
The younger during the show felt it more that us the older, who knew the project so well like our second nature!!
The entire project and its specific weight alone would be enough to keep  the audience breathless. There would seek someone to supervise the work of musicians in severity and stage presence. Now we only needed to have musicians of gravity because Mr. Waters and artistic assistants, decided to give a surprising direction, playing between modern technology and the videoclip, before 30 years of age Of course I am referring to the old times WALL Animation we had be  nailed  down at the movies, and which  respectfully Waters magically expanded and gave us the impression that only now was created this so tragic, so anxious, fearful ....!!!
Returning to the group that framed the whole situation I have to say it was probably the first time listening and watching such a grandiose project, and so close to  a band like Pink Floyd, finally no one cared  who plays or how it looks on stage. Why? because they were OUT of SIGHT!!. A huge WALL 75 * 35 meters was built in front of them while Waters coming and going back and forth almost magic, theatrical singing pretending!!. Perfect, dry, as required as an Indian descent, dressed in black gave the impression of  human shadow in front of the huge wall .The wall that completely hided the band behind and remained there justight when the intermission started for about 20-25 minutes
Up there and during this period were shown hundreds of photographs by young military soldiers counted deadduring the modern world wars of the last 20 years.
The second part began with a huge wall has turned into a video wall that leaves the crowd speachless!! Sometimes you don't care about Waters himself. Who cares anymore! You know!! you did know !!... The ritual at its peak!!!
FEAR BUILDS WALLS around us and among people THE PROPAGANDA THE MONEY, THE POLICIES AND BIG BROTHER The wish to dominate in the mind lives and souls ....
solicitations for the modern revolution .... and finally how to break down the WALL inside us and among us.
Mr Waters .. YOU DID it.! only you were alone IN your family and IN  Floyd, and only you stood still!, over and in front of us in the Olympic Stadium of Athens in 2011! Thanks buddy you gave us the best rock show in the last 30 years. . Because then in 1981 was simply a musical masterpiecet concept album, ...another one by PINK Floyd ....but nothing prefigured what would follow.

A. .. not to forget!
The epic Comfortably numb played by the band hidden behind the wall shortly after the start of the second part.
Alone  Waters with shadowy moves on stage like an ancient tragedy figure left  us with our mouth opened !! as the guitar solo and the beating rythm of the music approached the final crescendo.
At the outbreak of the second guitar solo of the song HE falls on the cold wall to the break it down but it burst out with the  guitar solo but only to an explosion of colors virtual reality of his mind ... and our minds ...

The actual demolition was so the end..... suddenly and unexpectedly over the heads of spectators in the square and inside a cloud of dust. The redemption of the soul and man ... the end and the apotheosis of the show.
Modestly All musicians  leave the stage in applause while the guitarist plays just a traditional piece of music with a banjo ...

We didn't want encore ...

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