Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Interstate Blues-White Lightning 2003


         If you like straight ahead 70's style hard rock with heavy drums, solid bass and screaming guitars then this is the band for you! Formed by Jamie Purpora (guitar,vocals), Jeremy Crowther (drums) and Roger Brown (bass) in Los Angeles in 1994. The idea? Go back to the blues to re learn the roots of rock and roll (which most of our contemporaries have missed). And then evolve back to the hard rock we loved growing up! Interstate Blues have released nine albums "Let It Go" (1996), "Interstate Blues" (1997), Velvet (1998), "Southern Lips" (2000), "White Lightning" (2003), "El Diablo" (2005), "Redemption" (2007), "Redux" (2009) and "Red Was The Sky" (2010). With each release the songs and sound get more refined and more progressive. Their song "Velvet" (from their release "Velvet") was used in an episode of the TV series "Pensicola Wings Of Gold" in 1999 and their cover of the Willie Dixon/Buddy Guy classic "I've Got My Eyes On You" (from the release "Interstate Blues") was used in an episode of the WB series "Angel" in 2003. Between 1994 and 2010 Interstate Blues have played over a hundred shows in the Los Angeles area. From The Whisky A Go Go to The Blue Saloon to The Mint to The 1650 Club to The Viper Room just to name a few...

 1. White Lightning (SS Camaro) 3:18

2. Got a Fever 5:02

3. Do You Love Me 4:11

4. Set Me Free 6:23

5. In My Head 4:08

6. Leave The Rest Behind 4:29

7. Tail Dragger 8:17

8. Brown Skinned Woman

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