Monday, August 22, 2011

PLJ band-Armageddon 1982

And speaking of classic underground, there was one band who reached back to the roots that had spawned Greece's first genuine psychedelic masterpiece: The Apocalyps of John on which Aphrodite's Child's ground-breaking "666" album had been based. They called themselves P.L.J. Band and their debut album, recorded in Athens in 1981, was most impressive. "Armageddon" (based also on the prophecies of Ezechiel) contained music that was extensively based around the Byzantine scales (as used in Greek Orthodox church music) and featured a decidedly oriental guitar sound. The album was a masterpiece and is perhaps the most sought-after Greek record. There's something dodgy about the band, though: they were never interested in the underground scene.


Studio Album, released in 1982

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Intro (5:03)
2. I See People (4:29)
3. Ezekiel (3:49)
4. Dye (4:54)
5. Armageddon I (7:29)
6. Armageddon II (7:03)
7. Void (2:12)
8. Theme (4:58)
9. Starwish (1:44)

Total Time: 41:41

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