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Gabor Szabo feat Bobby Womack-High contrast

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High Contrast
Studio album by Gábor Szabó
Released 1971
Recorded December 1970 - February 1971
Genre Jazz
Length 40:03
Label Blue Thumb Records
Producer Tommy LiPuma
Gábor Szabó chronology
Lena & Gabor
High Contrast(1971) Magical Connection
High Contrast is an album by Hungarian jazz guitarist Gábor Szabó.
 Recorded in December 1970 to February 1971 with a lot of contribution from singer, songwriter and guitarist Bobby Womack. This album would feature the original version of Breezin' that George Benson would have a major hit with in 1976. The composition "If You Don't Want My Love" would be used by Bobby Womack in the flim and soundtrack to Across 110th Street.

 Track listing
  1. Breezin' - (Bobby Womack) 3:03
  2. Amazon - (Gábor Szabó) 4:55
  3. Fingers - (Gábor Szabó, Meltz) 7:25
  4. Azure Blue - (Gábor Szabó) 4:12
  5. Just A Little Communication - (Bobby Womack)7:45
  6. If You Don't Want My Love - (Gábor Szabó, Bobby Womack) 5:08
  7. I Remember When - (Bobby Womack) 7:35


  • Gábor Szabó - Guitar
  • Bobby Womack - Rhythm Guitar
  • Phil Upchurch, Wolfgang Meltz - Bass
  • Mark Levine - Piano
  • Felix Falcon - Congas
  • Carmelo Garcia - Percussion
  • Jim Keltner - Drums
  • The Shadow - Tambourine, Percussion
for this great musiciam composer and jazz guitar player follow the wikipedia link 

the album is dedicated to my friends Thanassis and Vassilis of

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