Sunday, December 4, 2011

Takis Barberis

Takis Barberis is probably little known outside of his native Greece, which is a shame, because his music would have wide appeal if it were better known worldwide. Barberis sports incredible talent and amazing versatility, and is now among my three favorite jazz guitarist (along with John McLaughling and Pat Metheny). Most of his music is unmistakably influenced by the Indian Classical tradition, often with numerous Indian accompianists, including (on at least one album) TRILOK GURTU.
  • Album: Naiva (1998, Lyra ML 0661)
  • Personnel: Takis Barberis (guitar, synth, programming), George Polyhronakos (percussion), Yiorgos Georgiadis (bass), Manos Saridakis (keys), Shankar Lal (tabla), Reshma Srivastava Pizanis (sitar), Girish Chandra Srivastava (tabla), Asha Srivastava (tanpura), Petros Loucas Chalkias (clarinet), George Kontrafouris (piano), Takis Farazis (accordion), Takis Paterelis (sax)
  • Album: Episodes (1995, Lyra ML 0177)
  • Personnel: Takis Barberis (guitar, synth, programming), Takis Farazis (keys, accordion), Pandeus Benetatos (keys, programming), Takis Paterelis (sax), Yiannis Vassalos (bass), Costas Kalogirou (drums), Petros Kourits (percussion), Yiotos Kiourtsoglou (bass), Yiannis Papayiannis (oboe), Trilok Gurtu (percussion), Petros Loucas Chalkias (clarinet)
  • Album: Are you Happy? (1992, Lyra CD 4684)
  • Personnel: Takis Barberis (guitar), Takis Paterelis (sax), George Contrafuris (keys), Yannis Vasalos (bass), Costas Kalogirou (drums), George Delis (piano)

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