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Howard Roberts-Antelope Freeway (1971-very rare )

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Antelope Freeway was such an obscure and "trippy" album that it went straight from side one to side three! The liner notes were purposely incoherent and actually faded into oblivion before the final paragraph (while the accompanying booklet reproduces the original artwork this fading technique was not replicated). This record is mostly in the experimental soundscape novelty vein and much of it has little to do with the guitar but when Howard does play his unmistakable brilliance shines through. There are tracks where he quietly noodles around (Dark Ominous Clouds, Santa Clara River Bottom) and others where it's no holds barred (Sixteen Track Firemen, Roadwork). But the one true masterpiece here, and I've had to wait forty years to hear it on compact disc, is the brooding Ballad of Fazzio Needlepoint which slowly builds-up to a liberating release of virtuoso technique.

Antelope Freeway

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Antelope Freeway is an album by American guitarist Howard Roberts recorded in 1970-71 for the Impulse! label.[1]




The Allmusic review awarded the album 3 stars.[2]

All compositions by Howard Roberts except as indicated
Track listing

  1. "Antelope Freeway" (Roberts, Ed Michel, Bill Szymczyk) - 2:25
  2. "That's America Fer Ya" - 3:25
  3. "Dark Ominous Clouds" - 3:45
  4. "De Blooz" - 9:27
  5. "Sixteen Track Firemen" - 2:15
  6. "Ballad of Fazzio Needlepoint" (Roberts, Brian Garofalo) - 5:20
  7. "Five Gallons of Astral Flash Could Keep You Awake for Thirteen Weeks" (Roberts, Szymczyk) - 4:23
  8. "Santa Clara River Bottom" - 2:20
  9. "Roadwork" - 7:50
  • Recorded The Record Plant in Los Angeles, California on December 17, 1970 and March 18 & 23, 1971


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