Saturday, January 26, 2013

INDIAN SUMMER-Indian Summer 1971 (very rare British progressive)

INDIAN SUMMER was a little known one-shot British prog rock band that released this self-entitled album and disappeared. The album was originally released on RCA's Neon subdivision, the same label that brought us acts like SPRING, Mike WESTBROOK, RAW MATERIAL, The RUNNING MAN, and TOUTON MACOUTE. INDIAN SUMMER's music is typical early '70s prog rock dominated by Hammond organ with some Mellotron. The opening song, "God is the Dog" is obviously the band's protest against religion, and despite that, it's actually one of the better songs on the album. 

Studio Album, released in 1971

Track Listings 
1. God is the Dog (6:37
2. Emotions on Man (5:44
3. Glimpse (6:44
4. Half change Again (6:26
5. Balck Sunshine (5:25
6. From the film of the Same name (5:52
7. Secret reflects (6:46
8. Another Three will Grow (6:06)

Total Time: 49:40
- Malcolm Harker / bass, vibes, vocals 
- Paul Hooper / drums, percussion, vocals 
- Bob Jackson / lead vocals, keyboards 
- Colin Williams / guitar, backing vocals
Releases information 
Lp. RCA/Neon NE 3 / Cd. Repertoire REP 4357-WP (1993)

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