Sunday, February 17, 2013

The White Buffalo & The Forest Rangers - House Of The Rising Sun


There is a house in Charming town
they call the rising sun
it's been the ruin of many a poor girl
and me, oh God, I'm one

If I'd listened to my momma
Lord I'd be home today
but I was young and foolish
handsome rider led me astray

Go tell my baby sister
never do what i've done
to shun the house in Charming town
they call the rising sun

My mother, she's a tailor
she sewed my new blue jeans
my sweetheart, he's a rambler
Lord he rides an old machine 

Now the only thing around me
is a suitcase and a gun
the only time he satisfies
is when he's on the run 

He filled his chamber up with lead
and takes his pain to town
only pleasure he gets out of life
is bringing another man down

He's got one hand on the throttle
the other on the brakes
he's riding back to Redwood
to own his father's stake

And here I wait in Charming town
the game my love has won

I'm staying here to end my life
down in the rising sun

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