Friday, April 12, 2013

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) [Full Album]

I was thninking whether I should post here in this blog such a classical and so well known item. But I beleive that after all this project was so influencial at that momentum (1973) which under the engineering of Alan Parsons ,definately  changed the sound of the so called Progressve Rock
There is another historical for me reason , because this album was my second vinyl record...... Still can be played though scratched deeply by the stylus .And still I enjoy it like the first time . .....

Track 1 (Speak to Me): 0:00
Track 2 (Breathe): 1:08
Track 3 (On the Run): 3:57
Track 4 (Time): 7:49
Track 5 (The Great Gig in the Sky): 14:39
Track 6 (Money): 19:23
Track 7 (Us and Them): 25:46 
Track 8 (Any Colour You Like): 33:36
Track 9 (Brain Damage): 37:02
Track 10 (Eclipse): 40:49

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