Thursday, May 2, 2013

Millie Jackson - I Cry

Rhythmic Horizons: Millie Jackson - I Cry: I Cry, το πρώτο κατά σειρά τραγούδι του άλμπουμ με τίτλο It Hurts So Good της Αμερικανίδας τραγουδίστριας - τραγουδοποιού Millie Jac...

 I Cry

Uhm, uuhm, uhuhm; I Cry
Uhm, uuhm, uhuhm; I Cry

I saw a man lying on the Street
I could not figure it out why
People walked pass without seeing
That the man was about to die
When I called for help, no one came
Because they did not want to get involved
The problem seemed that no one believed
The situation can be solved and

I cry - baby, I cry (2X)

When you try to do for your child 
Whatever you can do
The problem is you cannot 
Because you know, 
The kids are not smiling to you
Now, we bring our kids up here 
Because we know that, they need education
They come home and telling us there are no schools 
Because people do not want integration

I cry - baby, I cry (2X)

We read the news everyday
You do not think that happens to you 
But nobody reads about the blues 
That heals the things that we go through
We did not ask to be on the Welfare
We did not ask to be on the streets
Our babies did not ask us to come here
But here got to we - Now, I cry; I cannot help but cry

I cry; I cry
Every morning I cry - why do not you see what is going on - you all?
I cry, no - no; I cannot help but cry
Why do not you listen what I am saying this evening? 
Why do not you get yourself together?

I cry, no - no; I cry

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